What Does It Mean to Be a Cool Boss?

I’m constantly reading about and interacting with business leaders who’ve installed arcade games in their office spaces, host happy hours every Friday and have gone out of their way to encourage team members to be the best they can be through continuing education. The feedback from clients and employees alike is always the same: “Wow, what a cool boss!”

So I set out to identify what it means to be cool. How can leaders become cool? What is being a cool boss about, and how can these special skills apply in the workplace? (more…)

How to make employees into leaders

You may only think of leadership in the context of how you lead your business, but in fact, this is a critical error that you should avoid. Leadership should be part of the everyday culture of your business. Employees at all levels of the company can lead, and when they do practice great leadership in their work, they will enjoy greater empowerment. (more…)

How to Steal the Show

We tend to think public speaking skills are meant for politicians and CEOs, or merely reserved for those special occasions when we have to address a large audience (weddings, anyone?). And for most of us, the idea of public speaking makes us quiver with anxiety. But what if I told you that every time you engage with another individual, even in the most casual of settings, you are utilizing your natural public speaking skills?