Why What You Earn Doesn’t Matter

The importance of learning over earning

When I was a young man, the one thing my poor dad wanted for me was to get a high-paying job. To him, the path to success was to go to a good university, get your degree, find a high-paying job, and work your way up the corporate ladder.

I determined at a young age that wasn’t going to be my path. I wanted to be rich, and I knew that working as an employee, even with a high paying job, wouldn’t be the way to get rich. In fact, this is something most rich people already know (which is partly why they are rich). (more…)

A Simple Formula for Creating the Life You Want

When it comes to creating the life I want, I used to be unconsciously competent. By that I mean, although I was very successful, I didn’t fully understand why.

But then I met Bob and I learned what really goes on behind the scenes when we get—or don’t get—the results we want. So now I consciously use that knowledge to create exactly what I want in life. Even illogical or unreasonable things I would never have considered before.

Now, there is no doubt in my mind that we can direct our own mind to attain and achieve anything we desire within the bounds or limits of nature.

But most people aren’t aware of just how powerful their mind is, and so they don’t act on it. As a result, they sometimes find themselves wishing they could do something that someone else has done.

For example, Bob has an amazing ability to “read” people he has never met. He can tell you all about a person’s personality simply by being in his or her presence.

This ability really floors people and they often say they wish they could do what he does. Well, if they really have a desire to do it, they can. But first they must become aware of how to develop their intuition, get rid of any self-limiting beliefs that they can’t do it, and take the actions necessary to make it possible.

Of course, that’s just one tiny example of what you can accomplish when you become more aware. You’d be astonished at what you can do just by increasing your awareness a tiny bit. It’s like lighting a candle in a dark room and finding that even a small flame is enough to light your way.

The fact is, what limits anyone from accomplishing ANYTHING that they can conceive in their mind is not a lack of money, education, gender or age. It is one or more missing ingredients from the following equation:

Awareness + Want (Wish) + Belief + Action = DESIRED RESULT

It’s a simple formula, but it always works.

Your results are always an expression of your level of awareness. The higher your level of awareness, the more you can achieve.

That’s why, if you to improve the quality of life for yourself and others, lifelong learning is critical. It makes every single area of your life so much better.

The fascinating thing is as your awareness grows, you’ll start to realize that everything you are seeking is also seeking you. Isn’t that a wonderful thing to know?

-Sandy Gallagher


Who is in charge of your emotions?

Everyone wants to enhance their quality of life. Everyone wants to be more fulfilled. But almost all of us get stuck at times in our limiting beliefs and emotional patterns. We make habits out of feeling frustrated, worried, sad or overwhelmed. But it is these dis-empowering habits that prevent us from doing what we are really capable of – even if that something is just being happy.

While we cannot control the events that happen in our lives, we can master how we experience these events. People are always going to encounter stressful times. It could be losing a job, losing your health or even losing a loved one. Something happens that is outside our control, and it knocks us down. But stress, anger, sadness – these feelings don’t come from the facts; they come from the meaning that we give the facts. Of course, the terrible things that happen are real. But the question is, how are you going to allow that to shape your life? Are you going to let it tear you down, or are you going to use it to empower and enlighten the way you go through life?

It’s all about the meaning that you give the events and experiences of your life. Because when you come up with a new meaning, you can get a new perspective, and, ultimately, a new life.


We unconsciously decide what events and experiences in our life mean; we do it all the time, but may not be aware of it.

Take a downturn in the economy, for example. One person could interpret that as, “I’m going to be broke.” Another person, though, might say, “This means I’m going to work harder and I’m going to be more creative about saving.”

What do you think the outcome of this thought pattern will be for each of these individuals? Pretty different, right?  Is it apparent why each will have very different approaches to life, and why each will experience very different emotions? That all comes from the meaning each person assigned to the event.

Now, let’s move to something a little more personal. Consider a woman who had been adopted as a baby. One path she could take is to devalue herself, to believe that because she was adopted, that she wasn’t good enough to be loved. She could also take the opposite approach, and consider the fact that someone chose her and chose to love her. What’s the significance of her decisions over what story to choose? How will this impact her decisions in her daily life? How will it affect her bigger decisions?

The former story creates a sense of loss, while the latter celebrates her life and her worth. And the story she chooses will impact her whole life – because the decisions that control us are the decisions about meaning, and meaning equals emotion.


If choosing the dis-empowering story sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. We all tell ourselves stories that make us miserable when we could be feeling joy. We make ourselves feel sad, worried, anxious, shameful, guilty, fearful and enraged on a consistent basis. Why? Because we are wired that way.

The human mind is always looking for what you could lose, what you could have less of or what you could never have. It might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s a matter of survival and of protection. You are biologically wired to prepare yourself for the worst at all times. That is why it is up to you to take conscious control over the stories you tell yourself and the resulting emotions you experience.

The secret to doing this is to trade your expectations for appreciation. If you do this, your whole life will change in that moment. And if you keep doing it, your life will change forever.

Go back to the woman who was adopted. She had an expectation that her biological mother and father should have kept her. And that expectation could have tainted her entire life. But if she shifted her expectations to appreciation that somebody picked her consciously and loved her, without the obligation or the biological imperative to do so, her entire life would change. This is the power of trading expectations for appreciation.


The choice is yours. What are you going to focus on? What story are you going to let guide your life? You get to choose what meaning to assign. This is the one power that you have right now in this moment that can change everything.

The only thing keeping you from getting what you want is yourself. The only thing keeping you from the joy you deserve is the dis-empowering story you keep telling yourself. But what if you decided right now to offer yourself a new core of belief? What if everything in your life, including the most painful and traumatic events, was happening for you, not to you? What if everything was designed for you to actually have a greater life and have more to give and more to enjoy?

If you want real freedom in your life, you must make a decision to stop allowing external events to shape your happiness. And that is only done by becoming the master of meaning and finding the empowering meaning in anything and everything that comes your way.

  • Team Tony