Cyril Williams of Arete22 inspires aspiring business owners at London event

Cyril Williams of Arete22 inspires aspiring business owners at London event

This month CEO of Arete22 Cyril Williams was invited to London to educate and inspire aspiring business owners on what it takes to build a profitable and sustainable business

Arete22 kicked off April in London, where the firm’s CEO was invited from to share his experiences as a seasoned entrepreneur with the sales industry’s rising talent. Mr Williams was chosen to speak by event organisers due to his unrelenting work ethic and continued desire to progress, which has been a prominent factor in his success. ‘From school, from university I’ve always liked to be captain of the team or been in some sort of leadership role, or just do things my own way.’ Confirms the CEO.

Held at Sunborn London; a first-class Yacht hotel and corporate venue in London Docklands, the Rising Star business event brought together entrepreneurs and emerging talent from across the UK for a day of education and motivation. Featuring a series of insightful talks from trailblazing business owners, Q&A session and networking opportunities the day was organised by leading sales and marketing consultants to support the growth of the industry across the UK.

Mr Williams took to the stage to share his advice on how attendees can jump-start their future businesses. Offering eight tried and tested steps the CEO outlined how planning and focus are the foundations of any achievement in business. ‘In a business, weeks can go by very quickly, so I plan what I want to achieve in a week; you need to walk into the week with agenda and focus.’ revealed Mr Williams as he addressed prospective business owners. ‘Focus on key areas of growth, then set a plan for where you want your business to be in each of these areas on a Sunday every week’.

Mr Williams also provided insight into how business owners can maintain momentum and push boundaries. ‘YouTube and TED talks can help to prepare you mentally for the week ahead. I use YouTube content to educate myself on things like how to be focused, discipline, body language and how different people learn’ Suggested the Arete22 CEO. ‘Then review your week on a Wednesday to see if you’re on track to hit your goals and attack your weaknesses.’

Closing his discussion, Cyril Williams was keen to address that business is a constant journey of learning and development and urged attendees to push themselves in preparation. ‘If you want to have something you’ve never had then you have to do something you’ve never done’ Mr Williams concluded.

Source: Arete22

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