Don’t Stick To a Rigid Plan

Don’t Stick To a Rigid Plan

One of the most common misconceptions young adults have is – despite the slight changes every now and then, their lives are essentially predictable. They think that everything is stable. That they have a consistent self that roots from a deep place within them and it will remain like that no matter what.

The fact that they share these thoughts, make them careful in their living standards. They make plans and always stick to it. In fact, a slight deviation in the plan appears to them like a defeat of sorts. Situations change, plans get altered, their personalities, lives, surroundings, all of it changes. And they still think everything is consistent. Everything is predictable. Everything is stable.

The world is chaotic and messy; so are We

This thought, according to Confucius, is blinding you from the real world outside. Confucius believed that we all function in chaos and mess. The universe is made up of chaos, so are we. We are not consistent. We are not the same people we used to be yesterday. That is how fast things move and change. The world is radical. It is swift, and if you do not keep up with it, you are going to lose the plot.

Creating a rigid career plan may be one of the major mistakes most people make, according to Confucius. He had his reason – Confucius believed that our lives are merely a reflection of our external realities. Inherently we are empty. We aren’t born with information or data flowing around us. This means that the whole concept of self is a cultivated one. The so called “self” is cultivated due to various factors; Social milieu, political atmosphere, economic background, etc. These factors further affect our taste and preferences. They affect our thoughts, emotions and then finally, behavior.

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    Plans is necessary to overcome uncertainty in the environment but flexibility built into plans will make it’s realisation possible and timely. Words for wisdom.

    January 13, 2018 at 2:09 pm

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