Expert Tips For Successful Career Change

Expert Tips For Successful Career Change

A real career change is more than having a new working environment or a higher pay grade. It presents you a whole new landscape of goals, challenges, risks, prospects, rewards and satisfaction.

It is not proper to change your career in a flick; especially without an actual plan. First and foremost, you have to assess why you want a career change. Try to ask yourself the following questions:

    • Why do I want to change my current career?
    • What should I do to make my career move successful?

Let’s start with the first question.

Starting Point: Why do You Want to Change Your Career?

Different people have different ideas about their jobs and careers. However, many of these reasons fall under broader underlying issues. Here are the two most common reasons why people change careers:

Advancement and Growth

According to a 2015 survey conducted among people who just changed careers, the most common reason that pushes people to find a new career is the lack of advancement and growth opportunities. A serious career-oriented person will often find himself/herself yearning for recognition and promotion. Thus, this person tries to achieve every goal on his/her list. Once he/she accomplishes these goals, the next goal must come immediately. And here’s where they have problems with their career.

When you are not in the right career that will enable you to pursue your next goals, you lack direction, and then follow the feeling of boredom, emptiness, and dissatisfaction. You would feel like your skills are being put to waste. You don’t want your abilities to stagnate or stay in the same level throughout your whole career. As a result, you hunt for other jobs or careers that offer more opportunities. And these opportunities do not only mean higher chances of getting promoted, but also more open doorways to a higher level of skills and professional knowledge.

Underappreciated Talents

You may feel like you’re the best one in the office. You may even go on further and say that you’re the best in the industry. You even volunteer your expert tips to reach your goals faster. You can manage large projects easily and timely. Your dexterity helps you beat the deadline to the ground. You’ve done great things many others failed to do. You feel unstoppable.

BUT your achievements seem to go unnoticed and people look at you as if you are the most ordinary-looking person in the world. This can be because those achievements are actually less relevant than you believe. It doesn’t mean that they’re not real achievements, but it’s equally possible that you’re in the wrong career.

When people feel underappreciated, their most obvious course of action is to try something new that will let them take the spotlight. Thus, a change of career becomes their ticket to a field where their talents make a huge difference. This is what career-oriented people constantly yearn for—proper recognition.

The Next Step: Preparation and Planning

Before you sign and submit that resignation letter, you must have crystal-clear  realistic plan for your next career. Planning is always the first answer every time you ask of how to get greater success in your business and life.

In your career plan, you have to follow the following tips:

1.     Know where you want to be

You already know that you want to ditch your current career, but do you know where you are going next?

You can answer that question by assessing your strengths and weaknesses and by focusing where you perform best. Find a career where you feel comfortable and where you are knowledgeable. That way, you won’t be too anxious and feel bogged down.

2.     Take advantage of new ideas

When trying to change careers and veers off to somewhere more promising and satisfying, always take advantage of raw, potentially excellent ideas. Let’s take the story of Amazon’s founder and CEO.

Before Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, he was employed in several firms and climbed his way to the top. During that time, he was already considered a very successful person in the world of finance and computer science. However, he decided to ditch that career for something else, which of course is

Bezos’ boss tried to persuade him and change his mind, but Bezos still left the company he was working for and pursued what he thought was a huge opportunity for him, which was e-commerce and the rest is history.

Ideas do not lead to success without your willingness to act upon them. Even the expert tips to reach your goals faster are useless if you refuse to try them out. Use your career move as a chance to try out great ideas and strategies.

3.     Upgrade and Update

When you are preparing for a career change, you will always encounter exciting career opportunities that will require you to learn new stuff and trends.

You must be ready to expand your knowledge of a broader range of skills. Take crash courses, trainings, and seminars if necessary. If your target career requires extensive computer knowledge, go ahead and take online courses. If your target is to work in a multinational company abroad, then conduct a research about their business and social culture.

By all means, upgrade yourself constantly. This will certainly help you to be more than qualified for the next career you’ll have.

4.     If the first attempt fails, keep going

A career change is not a one-time attempt. If you find yourself unable to secure the new career you have picked, don’t hesitate to try again. To illustrate why this works, let’s take Colonel Sanders’ story.

Colonel Sander, as people know him, franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was over 60 years old. The business was not his first career, nor his first career move. He had tried several odd jobs before finally hitting the bull’s eye with the world-famous restaurant.

Your career change does not need to be stellar in the first try. Try out another strategy and apply what you have learned in the previous attempt.


A career change is a big decision and the most that you can do is to get a clear vision of what you want to achieve. To turn that vision into reality, you must always find out how to get greater success in your business and life—seek greater and updated knowledge. Think of it as a continuing road trip where roadblocks and barriers are not uncommon. Strive to achieve a better career and always keep going.

-Mindthriller team

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