MD of Fortitude Plethora, Toni Stewart, discusses recent explosive growth

MD of Fortitude Plethora, Toni Stewart, discusses recent explosive growth

Managing director Toni Stewart was recently invited to speak at an event in Newcastle in the wake of Fortitude Plethora’s phenomenal growth across the north of England

Fortitude Plethora has recently welcomed a new addition to its leadership team, who will work alongside managing director Toni Stewart in boosting the company’s reach and capabilities of generating impressive campaign results for clients. The firm is also six weeks away from a significant expansion, which will see it strengthen its dominance of the lucrative Manchester market.

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This recent success has led to the driven businesswoman being invited to speak at a recent event in Newcastle, aimed at inspiring the next generation of industry talent.

‘I couldn’t have imagined a better start to 2018’ revealed business owner, Toni Stewart. ‘The Fortitude Plethora family have worked tremendously hard over the past few months, and we can now see some awesome success stories as a result of this dedication. The firm is going from strength to strength and I can confidently say that Fortitude Plethora is dominating the Manchester market’ added Toni Stewart. ‘I was honoured and delighted to be invited to speak at the recent event in Newcastle because as well as running a business, my passion and motivation is seeing other people achieve their goals and dreams, so to be able to speak and share my knowledge and experiences was a true joy.’

At the event, Toni Stewart shared her experiences and advice about driving explosive growth since growing a business is a necessity for business survival. Some of the tips from Ms Stewarts’s talk included how to penetrate an existing market and acquire customers who will remain loyal to a brand. Innovation and thinking outside the box in an effort to drive growth was also covered together with how to extend market reach into a new location without seeing a decline in the existing market. The managing director concluded with advice on how to keep at it when growth and expansion aren’t experienced right away. With dedication and hard work, an entrepreneur can transform their business into all they want it to be.


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