Do The Right Thing, Do It All The Time – Frank Leigh

Do The Right Thing, Do It All The Time – Frank Leigh

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Why is it, you can have two people with similar backgrounds, but one of them becomes way more successful than the other? Often it is because of who the person has become on the inside. They are more successful because of the way they think; their attitudes, understandings and beliefs.
The more successful people have obtained some mental insights and strategies that put them on a different level. These mental insights can appear as common sense to people that have already made them part of who they are, but for the people that have not been exposed to these insights, for them, they may continue to struggle in life but never know why. This book answers the why question.
This book promises to give you 75 of these mental insights and strategies as quickly as possible; simple and to the point. With this wisdom passed down through the ages, you will be enabled to use the secrets that are most helpful to you, right away, and be able to refer back to others as needed. This book is the guide that will help you recognize and access the secret hidden power that has always been in you and naturally attract success in all parts of your life.
This book is simply the fastest guide to becoming successful.

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