Success Without Fulfillment is Failure

Success Without Fulfillment is Failure

It’s OK to have material things, or at least the ability (money) to get these things if you want them; the cars, houses, great paying job, admirable career – all these things are common measurements of success.

However, fulfillment which is also synonymous to happiness is not the result of having these things, it is the result of having inner contentment and here is where the problem lies.

Are you trapped doing what you have to do instead of doing what you want to do?

Are you dedicating all your time increasing the standard of your living and ignoring the standard of your life?

Life is way too short doing things that does not bring us lots of fulfillment.

When we lack fulfillment, a void is created in us and we tend to fill this void with other things which mostly are the causes of addictions and unhappiness.

It is not the standard of your living that makes you happy, it is the standard of your life that makes you happy.

Very often, we forget to give attention to those things that can truly make us happy.

In the words of Gaur Gopal Das; Our happiness and our increased standard of life are not in things, they are in people, in relationships, in meaningful heartfelt deep bonding of love. These are what brings fulfillment to the heart.

The greatest irony is that we conveniently neglect these things that bring greatest fulfillment while running after increasing the standard of living.

On final note, life is meant to be healthy, happy and enjoyable. Strive for fulfillment in all your endeavors and you will be successful.

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